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The vcomp compiler is a full Verilog® language compiler. It meets most of the IEEE Verilog® 1 spec including PLI 1.0 (tf_* and acc_* routines).

Currently the main missing parts are CLI support and lack of semantic support of specify blocks (you can read them but they have no effect).


This compiler is a second generation compiler - it's predecessor was written in the late 80s and directly produced machine code to run in a Macintosh environment - it was used for private design work and for a period, until VCS® was released, we believe it produced the fastest Verilog® simulations of its day.

The current compiler is a complete rewrite from scratch - it is targeted at an SMP implementation on the cheapest x86 boxes around - it uses modern compiler optimization techniques including low level instruction scheduling targeted at today's high end Pentium® class CPUs.

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