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Welcome to the VCOMP home page

History: VCOMP was originally a Verilog® compiler marketted by VeriFarm a CAD ASP startup that died stillborn in the ENRON led California power crisis fiasco of a few years ago. The compiler's been sitting on the shelf for years and I've finally got around to bringing it up todate open sourcing it

The is release is GPLed for the compiler and LGPLed for the runtime (so you're free to copy and run anything you compile with it). Currently the compiler must be built on a 32-bit x86 platform, (no 64-bit support yet though the compiler and compiled binaries will run there).

The original compiler and run time had a lot of cruft to stop it being removed from the farm where it was run, all of this has, I believe, been removed or neutered - if you find anything that worries you please drop me a note. In a similar vein these web pages are largely copied from the original VeriFarm pages, if you find anything vaguely corporate on these pages please let me know, I've done my best to remove all that stuff.

Finally please note the release numbering changes - old V222 is now 1.222 etc etc

News - current recomended compiler version 1.222

  • 8/20/06: 1.222 Bug fixes - open source the whole thing, removed the copy protection stuff
  • 3/27/01: V221 Bug fixes - more minor v2k related bugs
  • 3/26/01: V220 Bug fixes - mostly in generate blocks
  • 3/8/01: V217 Support for timing checks in specify blocks
  • 2/26/01: V214 Minor release - new optimization pass, minor bug fixes
  • 2/4/01: V210 Major feature release - PLI 2.0 (vpi_ routines)
  • 2/3/01: V209 Minor bug fix release - fix to problems in/around UDP delays
  • 1/27/01: Minor bug fix release v205 (several minor changes)
  • 1/19/01: Minor bug fix release v204 (complex module ports)
  • 1/17/01: Warning: California is actually having power outages - we are still keeping as much of the farm powered down as possible and just bringing machines online when required
  • 11/9/00: V2000 support - final v2k features released
  • 9/23/00: Major feature release - (in particular see notes on +O optimization for version 181+ here)
  • 8/24/00: Compiler version v133 - more performance upgrades, details are here
  • 7/25/00: Released a new compiler version as the default - v55 replaces v53 - includes higher performance event modelling aimed at increasing the performance of clock nets. You need to recompile to take advantage of these performance enhancements